Data Center & Clean Room Services


Massachusetts is a hotbed of high-tech and medical innovation, and with that comes the need for special facilities, such as data centers and clean rooms. We at H.I.M. Mechanical Systems recognize the unique HVAC requirements for these facilities.

With the ever-growing collection of digital information, data centers are being used by all manner of industries, educational institutions, and government facilities. Data centers house back-end IT and data storage systems, sort of like the “brains” of an organization, so keeping downtime to a minimum is key. Because of the sensitivity of the hardware, data centers require specialized cooling and humidity systems. We are trained in installing HVAC for data centers that meet industry standards.

Clean rooms, which might be found such places as high-tech medical production facilities, are environmentally-controlled enclosed spaces meant to block outside contaminants from getting in and prevent new ones from growing. To qualify as a clean room, it must meet stringent requirements set forth by a Federal industry standard. Our expert technicians have a thorough understanding of these regulations, including airflow streams, humidity, exhaust systems, and temperature control.

We offer free estimates on installations.

Service and Repair

Are you losing data center uptime because of overheating? Is your clean room no longer meeting air quality standards? Trust the experienced technicians at H.I.M. Mechanical Systems to restore your proper working environment. Whether you need 24-hour emergency service or you schedule an appointment, our technicians will run thorough troubleshooting and diagnostics on your HVAC system and will give you honest answers about your options to repair or upgrade. We work with a wide range of vendors and distributors, which gives us access to parts for all models. If you need HVAC service, call us today at 508-697-5000. We also offer maintenance programs, which include regular inspections and preventative care.