Ductwork Services


Are you hearing whistling in your duct grill? Properly-sized ductwork provides balanced air flow to your home or workspace. However, if the ductwork is too big, you’ll get enough air volume but no velocity to spread the air around the room; if it’s too small there will be insufficient air volume and restrictions that will affect system performance. These situations could not only make your environment uncomfortable, but it may cost you extra in energy bills. The experts at H.I.M. Mechanical Systems will assess the building’s needs, whether new construction or retrofitting an existing structure, and recommend the optimal ductwork solution. Is one area of your house hot and another cold? We install zone control dampers, which send the air to the section of the property where you want it. We can create multiple zones off of one unit.

We offer a variety of ductwork materials to suit your needs, including galvanized ductwork with insulation. Building codes are frequently changing, and we guarantee that our ductwork will adhere to current MA codes and regulations.

We offer free estimates on installations. Call 508-697-5000.

We offer free estimates on installations.

Service and Repair

Is your ductwork noisy or coming apart? Trust the experienced technicians at H.I.M. Mechanical Systems to sort out your ductwork concerns. Whether you need 24-hour emergency service or you schedule an appointment, our technicians will run thorough troubleshooting and diagnostics on your HVAC system and will give you honest answers about your options to repair or upgrade. We work with a wide range of vendors and distributors, which gives us access to parts for all models. If you need HVAC service, call us today at 508-697-5000. We also offer maintenance programs, which include regular inspections and preventative care.