Springtime Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance

The summer months are fast approaching. And here in the Bridgewater, Easton, and Stoughton areas we don’t quite get the summer breeze off the water that our neighbors on the Cape do. All that humid air means a lot more condensation inside your A/C unit. Many times we get service calls to come check out a unit that isn’t working only to find that it has shut itself off because of a clogged drain. All units that are in attics or other places which could be damaged from water have safety switches that detect leaking water. (If yours doesn’t then let us know and we will fix that!) These are great, but when that clog happens on the hottest most humid day in the summer, no more A/C!

Springtime preventive maintenance will keep your unit clean and free of clogged drains and drain pans. Call to schedule your Springtime A/C maintenance today.